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Iconography is rather out of the contemporary artistic mainstream! Since the intent of icons is primarily spiritual rather than commercial, they are only rarely displayed or sold in art galleries. But many churches, and church-related institutions, hold art exhibits - and their curators may be very pleased to show contemporary icons.

Many of these display venues can accommodate only wall-mounted works, preferably framed and protected by glass.

Very fortunately for me, my friend Richard Anderson, while working on images of the Tree of Life icon, had already perfected his technique of photographing and printing icons! So when curator Mel Ahlborn offered me a show at Gallery 1055, in the diocesan office adjacent to Grace Cathedral, we were soon ready with framed prints.

This exhibit of framed prints moved on to St. Gregory of Nyssa Church, and then to the lovely Chapel Lounge at Calvary Presbyterian Church.

Gallery 1055 Presents

By the Hand of Betsy Porter In Archival Prints by Richard Anderson

February 1 - April 11, 2008

Diocesan House, adjacent to Grace Cathedral
1055 Taylor Street, San Francisco, California

Limited edition, framed archival prints
will be available for purchase Spring 2008

Photographer and Printer Richard Anderson

Richard and Betsy at Gallery 1055, which consists largely of this open stair and adjacent corridors - unsuitable for display of original icons.

Bishop Marc Andrus and Dean of Grace Cathedral Alan Jones at the opening party at Gallery 1055, February 7, 2008

The same prints looked very different in the large open Rotunda at Saint Gregory of Nyssa Church. Left, Patricia K. Kelly and Richard Anderson evaluate exhibit layout. Center, Greg DeLory has worked devotedly on our church art exhibits for many years. Right, smaller prints in the chapel/conference room.

In September 2008, we moved the prints to the Chapel Lounge at Calvary Presbyterian Church. Left; our curator, Kate Wilson. Center; moving an exhibit is lots of work, all that wrapping and unwrapping! Right; this room has some shallow glass display cases, so we were able to display a few original icons - including St. Francis by my student Anne Symanovich, who sings in Calvary's choir.


The 2009 ROSARY CALENDAR was published by The Rosary Centre (no web site) of Ireland as a gift to its supporters throughout the world. The calendar is illustrated with postcard-sized icons and commentary from this site, attractively displayed on brightly colored backgrounds. On the cover, at larger size, is my icon of Our Lady of Tikhvin.

Contact: Rosary Centre, St Malachy's Friary, Anne Street, Dundalk, County Louth, Ireland; telephone 042 932 4552. Send e-mail here.

Tree of Life was commissioned as cover art for EVOLUTION AND CHRISTIAN FAITH; Reflections of an Evolutionary Biologist, by Joan Roughgarden; Island Press 2006. Details of this icon are used throughout the book at each chapter heading.

My work has been included in several online exhibitions organized by ECVA (Episcopal Church Visual Arts). The Fourth Day of Creation is part of their Advent 2008 exhibition with a theme of "Light." Ubuntu Trinity is in the Fall 2009 "Ubuntu" exhibition, and Saint John the Evangelist on the Winter 2009/2010 "Grace" exhibition.

Saint Francis is included in an anthology ORIGINALLY BLESSED which celebrates the 25th anniversary of Original Blessing by Matthew Fox; edited by Matthew Henry; Creation Spirituality Communities 2008.

This book also features contributions by Mary Plaster, Jen Delyth, Richard Fabian (co-founder of St. Gregory's Church), and Mark Dukes (who painted the icon murals at St. Gregory's).

Contact: Creation Spirituality Communities, Inc., 4669 Guy Hill Road, Golden, Colorado 80403;

A jewelry metalwork publication! My pair of articles on working with Argentium sterling silver appeared in the March 2012 issue of Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist Magazine: Argentium Tips and Argentium Filigree Earrings.

These articles earned me a "Like of the Week" on the Facebook page for Argentium

Earlier Exhibitions And Publications

Two of my pieces were included in a group icon show at St. Gregory of Nyssa Church, San Francisco, in spring 2005. You can see photos of the entire show on the Display and Care page.

My article on iconography, an earlier version of the Icon Article on this site, was the featured article for August 2004 at, the online journal of Episcopal Church Visual Arts.

In 1999, I had a solo show of scarves and jewelry at the community center in Half Moon Bay, CA. The "Art Bio" on the About Betsy page was written for this show.

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