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Betsy Porter
Art and Iconography

Correspondence comes in from many Byzantine iconographers, often with
images and commentary – too good to file away!

Please send me one to three, maybe even four, images of your icons
and I’ll post them on this page.  It's nice to have name of icon, dimensions,
medium, year painted, and name of photographer if other than yourself.  A
small photo of you would also be welcome.

Please tell me your name and where you live.  If you wish, send a brief
biographical note or Artist’s Statement (up to 150 words) and/or brief
commentary on your icons, which I might edit slightly.

If you have your own website or blog, or if you have icons on another
website, tell me and I’ll add a link.

On request, I’ll add a “contact” line, but I won’t post your e-mail address.
ANN WELCH lives in
Britain and the Greek islands, where she
teaches iconography.  She frequently
visits relatives in the San Francisco Bay
Area.  She will coordinate a summer 2013
workshop in the Greek Islands.

Ann is experienced in many art forms
including batik, and her work has been
included in numerous exhibitions.  She
created and organized the fall 2009 UK
Divine Dimensions.

Left:  The Mandylion or The Holy Face
Right:  Mother of God Panagia (All-Holy)
MICHELLE JENNES of Cocoa, Florida was inspired by seeing the Shroud of
Turin to paint this powerful and moving
Epitaphios Icon depicting Jesus, newly
dead and resting on the shroud.

The icon was displayed at the
Ohio Shroud Conference, which attracted
participants from all over the world.  (Scroll down to bottom of Shroud
Conference page.)  This icon brought Michelle an award for iconography and

Michelle has studied iconography with the Prosopon School.

Contact Michelle Jennes
ANZHELIKA (ANGELA) FULTZ of Lima, Ohio was born in Russia.

Although Anzhelika is the mother of three young children, she is a very productive iconographer.  She studied with
Mother Janet Peters in Michigan.

The Holy Trinity.  Center; Anzhelika painted the Tree of Saints for a friend - all of the many saints in this
complex icon correspond to names in her friend's family. At right is Angela's icon of
Christ Pantocrator.  
CECILIA AGUALLO is a student of the
Prosopon School and has served as
coordinator of Prosopon workshops.  
She makes her own boards and
applies gesso to them.

Contact Cecilia Aguallo

At right is Cecilia's icon of
JUDITH KAESTNER of Oconomowoc, Wisconsin is a long-time Prosopon student.  She teaches and coordinates a
local group of iconographers.  You can see more of Judith's work at her Icon Photo Album

Of the icon of
King David, below left, she writes, "This is the icon I wrote for my brother David. He especially wanted
the harp/lyre as he is very interested in music and is an acoustical engineer."

Below center, Saint Aidan of Lindisfarne.  At right, Judith's icon of Saint Cuthbert
is based on a wall painting in Durham Cathedral.
Cecilia has executed several commissions for churches, including the pair of
large-scale icons above, depicting
Archangels Michael and Gabriel.
ZACHARY ROESEMANN writes traditional icons from his studio in Brattleboro, Vermont.

Zachary was called to iconography several years ago after a career as a professional singer.  After studying in
New York with Father John Walsted, Zachary opened his own studio, Sacred Icons.  He
works in egg tempera and gold, using traditional models and methods whenever possible.  His website is
Left; Noli Me Tangere, after a 15th-century original, illustrates the moving scene between Christ and Mary
Magdalen in John 20
- 18 x 24 inches, egg tempera and gold on board

Center; Christ Pantocrator is based on the famous 6th-century icon of Christ at Saint Catherine's Monastery on
Mount Sinai
- 13 x 17 inches, egg tempera and gold on board

Right; Christ in Majesty, modeled on Russian originals from the 14th century, is a monumental icon commis-
sioned for the Cathedral Church of Saint Paul in Burlington, Vermont
- 36 x 52 inches, egg tempera and gold on board
BEJINARI N. FLORIN lives and works in northern Bucovina, Romania.  In addition to
panel icons, Bejinari paints icons on Easter eggs, a longtime regional tradition.  One
of these beautifully detailed eggs is shown at right.

You can view more of these eggs at - click on "Produse (5).

Contact Bejinari Florin
Vancouver, British Columbia is a
conference speaker and spiritual
director as well as iconographer.  

We have studied together at several
workshops of the Prosopon School.  
Her website is

Left; Our Lady of the Sign

Right; The Mandylion or Holy Face
BROTHER LLEWELLYN KOUBA is a Benedictine monk at Assumption Abbey, Richardton, North Dakota.  Pottery
is his primary art form; but this lifelong artist is also accomplished in painting, dyeing, and rug hooking.  More
recently, he turned his talents to iconography, and is now undertaking work on a large triptych icon.  See more of
his work at
Left to right; Our Lady of Vladimir in oil on gold leaf; Our Lady of Tenderness; and Archangel Michael
LUCIA DUGLISS of San Francisco, CA began her iconography studies in 2000
with workshops of the Prosopon School and with DominICON, under the
leadership of Fr. Brendan McAnerny, OP.  

She is also fascinated with knitting, especially the work of painter and knitting
designer Kaffee Fassett.

Lucia has painted many icons, including church commissions.  She works in both
acrylic and egg tempera.  You can see more at her
flickr site and at

Contact Lucia Dugliss

Right; Saint Joseph with Doves, egg tempera and gold leaf
Left to right; The Holy Trinity; The Mandylion or The Holy Face; and Our Lady of the Sign; all in acrylic
SCOTT SONGFEATHER of Crestone, Colorado started
writing icons in 2007, teaching himself with the help of
books. He has learned how to make boards and apply
traditional gesso, as well as how to make and apply
egg tempera paint.  Scott is a regular correspondent
and has given me much useful information on websites
and suppliers.

Scott has recently been exploring the Romanian-style
folk art of back-painting icons on glass; he says it's
much quicker than painting on gessoed board.  The
lines and highlights are painted first.

See Scott's WetCanvas art thread
here.  Click on
Inspirational Art, then on Icons & Iconography.  Scott's
("Celadonite") gesso instructions are included.

Scott would like to learn more about icon inscriptions in
Greek.  Contact Scott Songfeather
JOUMANA DANIEL writes from Lebanon:  "I started this art by pencil at age 13, then
on cloth, then oil icons, until 1994 I got introduced to the traditional Technique of Egg
Tempera through a friend who was my only teacher, because in Lebanon we miss so
much academies for the art of the Icon.  I worked many icons for churches and homes
inside Lebanon and outside (Texas-Germany- Vienna)."  Although her job and her two
young children keep her very busy, she dreams of traveling to learn even more of
iconography "to enrich my soul and my spirit."  Contact Joumana Daniel
Left; Saint Jacob.
Center; detail of
Holy Trinity.
Mother of God.
PETRO LUFTA lives and paints in Albania, where he is working to revive the tradition of
Albanian iconography, which (along with all other religious practice) was suppressed under
Communism.  His website includes a history of Albanian iconography.

Petro studied for several years in Greece, learning to paint in several iconographic traditions.
He now provides icons and wall paintings, including many of ambitious scale and complexity,
for Orthodox churches and cathedrals.  He also accepts commissions for icons.

Petro is active on Facebook under the name Petro Iconographer.  His extensive Facebook
photo files include historic Albanian icons as well as his own work.  Contact Petro Lufta
Above right;
Theotokos & Child

Far Left,
Saint Andrew

Christ the Teacher

Right; the Empress
Saint Helena
, shown
holding the True
Cross which she is
believed to have

Right; Head of Christ,
gold leaf and egg tempera on panel

large church icons, with theory and step-by-step documentation of their

JUDITH JOSEPH of Chicago, Illinois - -
contemporary Jewish iconography and calligraphy

BYZANTINE ART - a group of excellent iconographers
in Melbourne, Australia.

STEPHANE RENE - Coptic style icons; workshops
in the UK.

PANTELEIMON KOURTIDIS - Greek style icons.

NICHOLAS MARKELL of St. Paul, MN - Religious
art including stained glass, icons, and graphics.

IAN KNOWLES of Cheltenham, UK - - icons and
restoration of religious art and statues; teaches iconography workshops at
Bethlehem in the Holy Land.

AIDAN HART is a distinguished British teacher and
iconographer.  His recently published book is
Techniques of Icon and Wall

TATIANA McWETHY of Sonoma, CA came here from
Russia.  Icons and traditional oil paintings, many of them including icons.

Canada -

JAN L. FARRELL of Albuquerque, New Mexico -
LESLIE SMYTH of Ukiah, CA is a longtime
iconographer and an old friend.

A former San Francisco resident, she worked
with me as co-coordinator of several
Prosopon workshops.  She practices quilting,
collage, polymer clay, and several other art
forms besides iconography.  Contact Leslie

Far left; Saint Peter.  Near left; Saints John
the Evangelist and Prochoros
.  Above;
Saint John the Apostle and Evangelist
DRAGIZA BOZOVIC of Belgrade is a self-taught iconographer, working in a sophisticated dry brush technique
learned from books.  A native of Sarajevo and an architect, Dragiza survived the horrors of the Bosnian war
but had to relocate with his family to Belgrade.  He would enjoy corresponding with other iconographers, and is
also active on Facebook.  Contact Dragiza Bozovic
Left; Our Lady of Kazan, egg tempera on gessoed board, approximately 7 x 7 inches
Man of Suffering, egg tempera on gessoed board, approximately 5 x 7 inches
Below left;
The Virgin Mary, back-painted on glass
Above left; Our Lady of Tikhvin
Above center; Christ the Teacher
Above right; Our Lady of Vladimir
Left; small icon of Saint John the Forerunner
Rignt; a tiny metal box contains a tiny icon
SUZANNE COOPER of Los Angeles, CA has been my fellow student at several
Prosopon workshops.  She and her husband are professional photographers who
have published several books.  She brings her camera everywhere, and is always
watchful for the most beautiful light, the perfect moment for a photo.

Above left; Archangel Michael.
Our Lady of the Sign.
The Mandylion or Holy Face.
REGAN O'CALLAGHAN - Originally from New Zealand,
this artist/iconographer and organizer of community art now practices in London.  
Much of his work, although reverent, incorporates surprising contemporary imagery.  
All work shown is egg tempera and gold leaf on gessoed panel.
Above; Saint Paul and
the Huia
was painted for
Saint Paul's Cathedral in
London; 65 x 80 cm,
Above left:  Saint George and the Dragon.  As with many of his other icons, you will find commentary on the blog
on Regan's website.  Above center;
Saint Savior, a commission for Saint Savior's Church, 48 x 66 cm, 2010.  
Above right;
The Almighty and the Blackbird, 36 x 87 cm, 2011.
Below; The Fourth Day of
, acrylic, by BEVERLEY
of Alberta, Canada.  
This is only her second icon!
MARCIA ALLISON is a student of Judith
Kaestner, working in egg tempera.  At right, she holds her 11 x 14 inch
icon of
The Guardian Angel.

Below left, Marcia's first icon, Archangel Michael, 11 x 14 inches.  Below
center, a small 7 x 9 inch icon painted for her daughter, and inspired by
the love of a mother for her child,
Mary Mother of Tenderness.
MARY JANE MILLER of San Miguel Allende, Mexico - contemporary icons, many with a sensitivity to world religions
- and; and The Dialogue Project at
Mary Jane creates icons with oklads, traditional embossed silver covers!  Her silversmith spouse, Valentin Gomez,
makes these beautifully detailed coverings, exactly fitted to Mary Jane's icons.

Above left; Our Lady of Vladimir.  Above center; Christ the Teacher.  Above right; Our Lady of Kazan.
Below; Lampada; oil painting
Tatiana McWethy
ANNA KENNY from the Green Mountains
of Vermont paints icons prayerfully using
egg tempera on natural gesso.  At left is
Anna's icon of the Theotokos.  

Contact Anna Kenny
JACK PACHUTA of Philadelphia, PA describes himself as "a retired businessman who always liked to make
things."  He has studied with Vladislav Andreyev and has painted some 70 icons.  He uses powdered pigments
and acrylic medium to make his own paint.  Contact Jack Pachuta

Above left; The Smiling Face of Jesus.  Above center; The Crucifixion.  Above right; Archangel Gabriel.
JANETA TODOROVA of Sofia, Bulgaria is a self-taught iconographer of impressive accomplishment; she has been
painting icons for 7 years.  

Her icons are available at; prints at

Above left; Saint George.  Above center; Saint John the Baptist.  Above right; The Holy Trinity.